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Under the Banner of Heaven

This morning I watched the final installment of Under the Banner of Heaven on Hulu. I had always known that Mormonism is strange, but I had no idea how brainwashed the followers are. If you're curious about the formation of a religion that was only founded in 1830, you'll get a good introduction through this series. The Mormon church may well be one of the most prominent cults anywhere in the world,

While this series is specifically about the LDS church, I believe the show demonstrates how dangerous any organized religion can be when used to indoctrinate young children. Though the show talks much about the total subjugation of girls and women, it does not address how young boys raised in the FLDS (Fundamental Latter Day Saints) movement are treated. They are viewed as competition for the old men for young wives and are often abandoned on the streets. Streets they are ill-prepared to live upon.

If you were raised as a fundamentalist or an evangelical, I'm sure you'll see similar indoctrination techniques from your own experience. When you watch it, please leave me a message about whether or not you enjoyed it.

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