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Talk to the fear.

You've probably heard that you should listen to your internal voice, BUT for many of us who were tortured by religion, that voice only speaks of fear. If what you are hearing is fear-based (i.e., "You're going to burn forever," or "Who do you think you are that you know more than God), then it is not coming from your soul. Your soul speaks to peace and joy and freedom from fear. Try having a conversation with the fear, such as:

"I know you worry about me, but I am fine. I created you (meaning the voice) when I was very young to protect me, but I am grown now and can manage my life for myself." Don't scream or curse at the voice. My experience is that the fear voice gets louder and more insistent the more negative energy it is fed. Speak from your power, and that is the quiet, gentle voice within. Your power will increase the more often you choose to let it be in control. You are much bigger, stronger, powerful, and most importantly, deserving of love than you know.

Find your peaceful place.

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